Vivid Charters, where we make your dreams of escaping in luxury on the ocean…come true…….

We are proud to present our exclusive yachts…. in locales from the wild Pacific Northwest to the exotic South Pacific….for your leisurely and private perusal while you dream….and plan …and choose a yacht that will make your dreams come true..

Let us know how we can bring the exciting, exotic, exquisite….and vividly extraordinary to your yacht vacation…


Our Team

Vivid Charters was developed by Meridian Yachts Ltd. to service super yacht owners and charter clients. Since joining Meridian Yachts Ltd., Shannon has worked towards ensuring Vivid Yachts will participate, as both a charter broker and manager, with other brokers on the world’s oceans. Shannon attends the major international charter shows, with Florida and Antigua in December 2014, and many European-venue shows to be scheduled in 2016. Attendance at these shows allows Shannon to assure Vivid Charter’s clientele of the most up to date details on super yachts and luxury destinations. Shannon’s attention to detail, coupled with her superb customer service, guarantees satisfaction for all parties. From the initial contact, to meeting the clients and crew, and greeting the guests on and off the yacht: Shannon is intently involved in all aspects of the super yacht adventure. Shannon’s solo sailing experience and boat ownership over the years has granted her familiarity with boat systems and itineraries. When you work with Shannon, you work with someone who is enthusiastic and excited for, and with, her clients in every way.