Saltspring Island’s Ganges Harbour Salt Spring Island is a unique place – famous for its pastoral beauty, markets, organic farming, artists and artisans – and most recently healers and all manners of health and wellness professionals.   Add a healing day or a wonderful spa afternoon while your luxury yacht awaits you. The Salt Spring Island landscape has forests, arbutus and garry oak meadows, beaches, mountains, lakes, the ocean and rolling countryside, simply a great place to hike and see nature and wildlife, including many endangered species. Since the late 1800s, farming has been an important part of Salt Spring Island’s culture.  Bountiful harvests,  including over 350 varieties of apples, have resulted in an Annual Salt Spring Apple Festival! The first Salt Spring Island Fall Fair was held in 1896 celebrating the harvest, farming, local produce, farm animals, handicrafts and more! Salt Spring is famous for its lamb, and in the spring you’ll see lambs all over the island…and on restaurant menus around the world! Coolest Island in Canada Artists and young neo-hippies, retired millionaires and restaurateurs, trades people and boot-clad farmers, writers and musicians all happily co-exist on what the Washington Post once called “the coolest island in Canada.” It remains that way thanks in part to the vigilance of the Islands Trust, a landuse authority that has kept residential growth in check. The island’s population of 10,000 is just five times the headcount at the turn of the 20th century. Many people here are dedicated to smart, sustainable and slow growth. The Salt Spring Island Conservancy and the Institute for Sustainability Education & Action are both at the forefront of local environmental efforts. Notable residents include artist Robert Bateman, rock legend Randy Bachman, broadcaster Arthur Black, authors Nick Bantock and Pearl Luke, and poets Brian Brett and Phyllis Webb. This is the perfect island to use bicycles or scooters to zip around and visit the numerous artisans and farmers.