Charter Destination

Desolation Sound
Many experienced yachtsmen regard the Desolation Sound area as not only the most beautiful and varied cruising area in British Columbia, but equal to, if not better than, any area in the world. Desolation Sound is a top favourite for boaters on the West Coast, located about 70 nautical miles northwest of Vancouver, up the Georgia Straight and past the Sunshine Coast. This coastal haven features rugged coastline, scattered islands, majestic fjords, towering 7,000-foot peaks, cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes, and countless well protected anchorages. The almost complete absence of development or settlement provides a true wilderness atmosphere. This quality, which led Captain Vancouver to name the area “Desolation Sound”, is the quality many people today wish to experience when visiting it today. Sea lions and seals can be found sunning on the rocks, dolphins are often sighted and occasionally Orcas (killer whales) – even great grey whales can be seen en route in the Strait in the early part of the year. On shore, enjoy hiking amid abundant wildlife or swim in one of the many warm freshwater lakes. Warm summer temperatures and the meeting of the tides jointly provide the region’s mild climate, warm waters, and rich sea life, where oysters grow in abundance. Water temperatures in the Sound often exceed 75ºF (22ºC) from June through September and opportunities for saltwater swimming abound. Warm, dry weather conditions dominate in the Desolation Sound area and fog is uncommon in the Strait of Georgia in the summer months. The sun shines up to 18 hours a day in late June and warm water temperatures can extend well into September.